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The 4-week solution for the business owner who wants faster, easier growth and higher revenue but just doesn't quite know how to get there.

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Growth is complicated – I get that.

And it's twice as complicated when you feel like all your time is already tied up just maintaining the level of success you've already achieved.

And the worst part is?

You know you've got something that could be so much more than what it is.

Your product and service?

It's proven.

Your customers?

They love it.

Your brand?

Ready to level up.

And yet...

You feel like you're just treading water with your competition, always at the cusp of being drowned out by a brutally competitive marketplace – and everything you try to get ahead seems to eat up your precious resources while never giving you the growth you know you need.

You need a proven system that's taken countless other businesses just like yours and launched them into the stratosphere

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You need to...

Never again feel like you have to take whatever customers come your way – now you'll know exactly who you're targeting, and why

Always know exactly where your resources should be going for maximum return, because time is just as important an investment as money and must be spent equally as wisely

Know exactly how to make sure your branding always matches the level of quality you know your business should be aspiring to

Feel safe, secure and confident in the future growth of your business, rather than always looking for the next growth hack that never seems to go anywhere

You need...

The Brand Igniter

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Your unique qualities always bleed into the services and products you offer the world.

That's why if you want to make a strong first impression, you have to make sure it's exactly those qualities you're showcasing.

More importantly, you've got to make sure you're showcasing them in a way that will:

Make the strongest possible impression in the quickest possible amount of time

Immediately differentiate you from your competition

Position you as an authentic offer in your space

Speak to the concerns your customers may not even know they have

Earn you the audience you deserve

How do I know if this is right for me?

The Brand Igniter is for you if:

You have already taken the first steps and are adding real value to the world

You are already generating revenue, but know you could be making so much more

You know the fundamental direction of your business, but are just moving too slow

You are thirsty for a long term, sustainable audience you've grown yourself

And most of all?

It's for you if you're sick and tired of feeling like taking your business to the next level shouldn't feel as complicated as it does. Because the truth is... There's just no need for it to.

Can You Tell Me More?

The Brand Igniter is a 4 week program designed to identify each unique component of your future success and bring it together into one comprehensive, specific-to-your-business road map that will light a fire under your growth.

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By the end of the program, you'll have a clear and distinct image of:

Your Brand's Unique Qualities

Exactly Who Your Customers Are

A Strong Positioning That Slices Through The Noise

What Your Next Steps Should Be

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With the Brand Igniter, we run you through six streamlined steps:

Stage 1: Identifying + Defining Your Ideal Customer


You can't help people unless you really know them – their hopes, their fears, their problems and their pitfalls. You already know you've got the perfect thing for them, but they don't yet – if you want to attract them, you need to speak directly to their desires. That's why we need to build a clear image of exactly who you want to serve and precisely how they think.

Stage 2: Charting Your Customer's Path


What converts a passive audience into active customers and later into die hard loyalists? This is where we'll chart the average customer's journey with you, so we can see exactly what you need to be doing to pull in your potential customers before one of your competitors does.

Stage 3: Determining Your Unique Brand


In an internet ecosystem overflowing with information, your customers are as likely to feel as overwhelmed for choice as you are. That's why in this step we'll figure out exactly what makes you the perfect choice for your customers by figuring out all the unique elements that make up who you are, what you stand for and how you do things.

Stage 4: Defining Achievable Goals


You can't just have goals – you've got to have the right goals,or you risk spending time and money on rabbit holes that never end up leading any where productive. Here, we figure out precisely where you should be putting your energy based on your customer's needs and wants, so you can rapidly make progress in all the things that really matter.

Stage 5: Crafting Your Positioning and Messaging


It's not enough to simply tell your customers who you are, you have to use all the knowledge we've gained from steps 1-4 to tell them who you are in just the right way. We'll decide what your market positioning is going to be, and how it makes sense for the customers we've identified as ideal for your business. By the time we're done here, we'll know exactly what the story you want to tell is, and who you need to be telling it to in a manner that inspires confidence and proves to them you're the bespoke solution to their specific problem.

Stage 6: Roadmap To Your Success


This is where we bring it all together - now we've laid all the groundwork, I'll synthesize our brand strategy into an easily actionable and implementable plan that gives you simple blueprint for your future success.

And remember...

It's not all about strategy.
It's also about implementation

The Brand Igniter doesn't just give you the road-map, but if you so choose we can work with you every day going forward to actually turn that road-map into real results.

Because ideally? You shouldn't have to be mired in the day-to-day of the technical nightmare that is actually running the operation – your business deserves to have your time and mental resources freed up to the big-picture tasks. 

If you want to focus on the stuff that really matters, me and my team will happily take charge and not only provide you with the plan, but also onboard and implement it for you too for into the foreseeable future.

Marketing, branding, design, advertising... Everything we decide is best for you can be handled entirely by me and my team. So you never have to worry that the solutions we come to will ever weigh you or your business down.

But don't worry – even if you choose not to bring us in for implementation, the road-map we provide you is detailed and specific enough that you'll always be able to handle it yourself if you so choose.

So, what have others said about the program?

"Before working with Bami, I was struggling with understanding my ideal client and finding the way to express myself through my brand. We worked together for 4 weeks, and every week I was learning something new about myself and my business. I really love how the sessions are structured and at the end I was able to find my ideal client, understand what products I can offer them and also how to make my offers make sense to them."

Elena Soboleva

"I've been working with Samuel for a few years now and when I first started out, it was hard for me to recognize who my real audience and customers are. As soon as he started working on my brand, that changed. The strategy we created helped me identify who my audience is and I've been able to grow my social media presence with his help."

Jonas Winkler

"Imagine jumping into a pool without knowing how to swim. Samuel was my No BS, Straight-to-the-point guide. After our session, I got clarity on what to focus on and because of his help, I closed 4 new clients with ease just 5 weeks after our call. What I also love about him is that you’ll never feel like you’re left in the middle of the road all by yourself because he followed up with me several times to make sure I’m implementing my strategy very well."

Anam Qureshi

How do I get started?

Don't worry – you don't have to jump right into the 4 week program. In fact, it often doesn't make sense to. This program is no small undertaking, and I want to make sure that we're ready to go on this journey together.

Because if I'm going to sink my teeth into the complex nitty gritty of your business and build you a system you're going to be using far into the future... I want to make sure you're ready for everything that means.

It's not for just anyone – that's why the first step of the process is a 30 minute 1-on-1 consultation call where we can go over all the details of your specific situation, and really make sure this is right for you.

And remember – you never have to be physically present for this program, as both the initial consultation and the program itself is run entirely online, making this viable for you from anywhere on the planet.

This is a journey of a thousand miles I'll be charting for you.

Are you ready to take the first step?

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