Brand Ignniter

Done for you strategy and brand build-out for the entrepreneur who wants to ignite their business and get to their next level...quickly.

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Elevate your personal brand
Command authority
Monetize on your terms
Curtdell Giles
“Just the brand positioning we came up with paid for the whole brand igniter experience”
Verne Watley
“I was a little hesitant to work with anyone outside of the US. I’m glad I worked with you because my brand now has an identity I’m proud to promote

You’ve achieved some level of success.

But to get to that next level– you need structure, simplicity, and authenticity. 

You know you’re not showing up in your full potential (because you don’t have a brand strategy to back you up)...

You want to be able to lead the path and build authority in your industry…

You want to stop holding yourself back and say what you want to say without the fear of judgement…

You just want a personal brand that stands out, that commands authority, and that is built on… honesty and truth and foundations. 

You are tired of playing small and ready to go all in and do things on your own terms.

You’re ready to ignite the fire that is already inside of you… you just need a structured roadmap and strategy to get you to your next level.

Tamika went from making $75,000 in 2021 with 20 clients to generating $80,000 in 8 months into 2022 with only 8 clients!

Brand Igniter
Brand igniter results

And this is why I created the…

Brand IgniterBrand Igniter

A done-for-you branding, marketing, and execution strategy for the business owner who wants more opportunities and freedom.

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Here is the 8-step process we will go through to uplevel and ignite your brand:


Clarify your unique brand

Discover your brand story and your why so you can stand out and attract aligned clients who resonate with YOU. Go deep into the who, why, what, and how you help people. Define your brand personality, values, and how you want your ideal customers to feel when they come in contact with you for a strong cohesive brand.


Find your fans

Clearly define who you serve and understand them from the inside out! Build a brand around their needs and desires so that they become raving fans no matter what. Learn how to speak to the “right” people and how to repel those who aren’t a good match.


Map out your customer journey

What converts a total stranger into a die-hard fan of your brand? Mapping out your customer journey allows you to meet them at their point of need before your competitor does. You want this to be smooth and a no-brainer for them through this journey.


Establish your offer suite

We will understand what your customer wants and create offers to meet their needs. An offer suite that has multiple entry points and allows your audience to experience transformations at different levels. 


Find your founder’s story

Storytelling is the number one way to make your brand memorable. We will uncover your founder’s story and use it to build trust and relatability with your audience. This will allow you to constantly communicate through content and pull in your raving fans!


Clarify positioning + messaging

Effectively communicate what you do, who you serve, and how you do it so your audience understands that your offer is for THEM. We will uncover what makes you different and position you in a way that makes you THE expert in your industry!


Define SMART priorities

You can’t really achieve something without setting a goal, right? Same for your business. You can’t take necessary action without having a clear goal and vision. In this process, we will set short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals and come up with ACTIONABLE steps to get you to where you want to go.


Build your brand roadmap

This is where everything comes together. We’ll create a roadmap of everything your business needs to scale to the next level. Everything that we covered will be strategically mapped out so you can walk away with a plan of execution! You'll then be able to choose whether you want to execute your roadmap yourself or have me and my team execute it for you.

Two ways to work with me through the Brand Igniter

Brand Igniter

Brand Igniter Spark

Done for you strategy

4 week timeline

Perfect if you have a team or the technical know-how to execute your action plan
3 weeks of strategy workshops to dive deep into our 8-step process
1 week to create brand roadmap

You are responsible for executing and taking action with the DFY brand strategy

“I will execute it MYSELF”
Brand Igniter

Brand Igniter Flame

Done for you strategy and execution

4-6 month complete buildout

You are ready to completely outsource the buildout of your brand
4 weeks of strategy workshops to uncover everything about your brand (everything included in brand igniter spark)

We take everything off your hands and build out all of the following:

Brand identity (logo, color palette, typography, etc.)
Offer suite (low, mid, and high-ticket)
Website + landing page design
Email strategy + copy
Systems + automation implementation
“I want YOU to execute it”
Carrie Payne

“Even if I got courses on branding, I wouldn’t have still been able to do this on my own. I’m thankful to have invested in working with you”

Carrie Payne

You can join Brand Igniter in 3 easy steps

Apply for Brand Igniter
Click on the link and answer questions about your business.
I will determine if you are a good fit for brand igniter within 12-24 hours of receiving your application.
Apply for Brand Igniter
If you are a good fit, I will send you a link to book a call with me and figure out what package best suites your needs!

Sharail did $50,000 in 6 months while taking 19 trips around the world

Brand Igniter
Brand igniter results

What makes Brand Igniter different from other branding offers?

This is not coaching. I am not coaching you through anything.

I am simply uncovering everything about your brand (which is foundational by the way), creating a roadmap that will help you command authority and show up to your full potential, and helping you execute it without you lifting a finger.

"I have successful business for the last 10 years but still I didn't have enough clarity around my content"

Brand Igniter
Brand igniter results

"I wasn't sure about my target audience, that changed after I met Samuel!"

Brand Igniter
Brand igniter results

"Even when I thought I already came a long way in my business, Samuel helped me take things to a wild new level"

Brand Igniter
Brand igniter results

This is for the entrepreneur who

Wants a clear roadmap on how to build a successful and sustainable brand
Wants more opportunities without working more– speaking gigs, digital products, memberships, in-person events, etc.
Wants a team of experts working behind the scenes so they can enjoy doing what they do best
Is making consistent money but feels as if there is a disconnect throughout their branding and marketing– they want a strong, cohesive, and standout brand

Jenn landed $3k+ clients without 10k+ followers

Brand Igniter
Brand igniter results

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Who is this offer for?

The entrepreneur who is making consistent money but has hit a wall in their business growth and wants to scale.

How does it work?

You will apply, then book a call if you qualify and we will discuss where your business is right now, where you’re struggling, and what your next steps are. Based on your goals and budget, we’ll choose the best brand igniter package for your business needs.

Will you be able to help me execute my strategy after we’re done?

Yes! We have a package that includes execution of logo, website, social media, sales funnel design, and copywriting– we will build out and execute your strategy within 4-6 months.

How long does this take?

Depending on the brand igniter package you choose– it could take from 4 weeks (Spark package) to 4-6 months (Flame package)

What’s the pricing for this?

Pricing depends on what YOU need as a business. During the client suitability call, we will get to the ROOT problem and then choose the best package for you. This is why applying is the first step to igniting your brand. It is hard to choose a package if you do not have guidance. That is what I am here to help you with.

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