The Tailor-Made Strategy You Need To Explode Your Instagram Audience

Everybody knows that growing an Instagram audience is key to success as an online entrepreneur. But why is it so hard to actually do?

do you find yourself...

  • Constantly cycling between different growth strategies that all promise more than they can deliver?

  • Craving stable, steady growth rather than the start-and-stop half-steps you've grown used to?

  • Feeling lost in an ocean of information, all promising the same generic advice with no promises that any of it will actually work for your specific business?

  • Unsure which of a thousand “growth hacks” you should follow from unreliable gurus who may or may not be credible?

  • Wondering if every strategy you try is only so freely available in the first place because it's immediately outdated?

  • Always on the brink of giving up because you're just not sure if this will ever get any less overwhelming?

If all these sound familiar, it's because you're not alone

I was there once too, and so was everyone I've ever helped break through into explosive growth. What you need is a clear, defined strategy that has a proven track record of success – and a mentor who can guide you through it to deliver the growth that will define your business moving forward.

The explosive Instagram growth strategy personally crafted for your business' needs.

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the Instagram

In other words, you need...

it more important
to figure out how to sell rather than how to grow?

To be frank, this is simply the wrong way to be thinking about online business.

Figuring out how to convert an audience into customers is crucial, but we don't call this the attention economy for nothing – your first priority needs to always be to focus on growth first and foremost.

Let's get real: the bigger your audience, the safer your business will be to weathering the storms you'll never see coming.

The bigger your audience, the more secure you'll be in economic downturns – do you really want to risk all your revenue by not building a big enough pool of interested potential customers?


You can always figure out how to sell to the audience you have, but what's the point of any of that if you don't have anyone to sell to in the first place? Conversion is key – but building your audience has to be your first priority if you want your business to thrive.

That makes sense... but what does the program actually entail?

Let's break down what makes The Instagram Igniter so special...



Knowledge is power – but most online entrepreneurs have no idea just how much they need to know if they're going to excel.

Before you spend any of your business' hard earned money trying to maximize your growth, you need to know you're not just spending any money...but that you're spending smart money.

That's why our program will work extensively with you to make sure that you're working from a plan that's fully defined.

Together, we'll craft a document that breaks down:

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1a. Your Audience

If you don't know who you're trying to talk to, then you'll never know how to talk to them. Nothing is more important than knowing exactly who makes up your ideal audience – this is the cornerstone of any attempt to build an audience online. We'll use our time-tested methods to figure out everything you need to know about who makes up your base.

1b. Your Brand

If you're going to build your audience, it's crucial you do it knowing exactly who you are, what you're about, and how to communicate that. If you can't quickly and easily explain why people should be a part of your online audience, then what hope does anyone in that audience have of understanding it either?

1c. Your Competition

Let's face it – you don't exist in a vacuum.If you want to offer something unique, you must understand the strengths and weaknesses of the other players on the market.What is it about them that's earned them the audience they have, and how are you best situated to grow bigger than they ever dreamed?



Research is one thing – action is another.

After exhaustive investigation, you'll finally be in a place where we can show you exactly how to execute a clear, well-defined action plan to facilitate the growth you so desperately need.

The strategy plans we work up are exceptional because they're tailor-made for each and every business separately, custom-designed around their needs rather than trying to push generic and boilerplate plans anybody could find with little more than a google search.

During our strategy outline sessions, we'll answer critical questions such as:

  • What does it mean to have a comprehensive content strategy that values targeted outreach?

  • How do you best use hashtags to maximize your organic reach?

  • How much should you be valuing organic reach versus paid reach, and what does that actually mean for how you run your page?

  • How can you establish partnerships with other existing pages to help facilitate your own growth?

  • What should you do about competing pages who already have the audience you want?

  • How often should you post?

  • Is there an ideal time to post?

  • Which should you prioritize – reach or engagement? (The answer might surprise you)

  • What are the key aspects of forming a relationship with your audience that leads to consistent interactivity and engagement?

  • How do the answers to all of the above vary in relation to your specific audience and content?

Our strategies are always built from the ground-up to facilitate both short-term and long-term growth goals, so you're never again left not knowing how to grow. Whether it's hashtag strategy, posting times, or all the always necessary nuances of a unified content production strategy... we'll make sure you know what you're doing from here on out.

best of all?

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What does this mean in practice?

It means that my team will handle not only the time-consuming and repetitive aspects of actual posting and user engagement, but also the laborious act of creating the content to post whilst providing exhaustive behind-the-dashboard analytics that will further guide all our efforts to grow your online footprint.

Additionally, this also means that all your content will be created in advance and scheduled to maximize reach and engagement.

When you have experts implementing your strategy, you'll never be dealing with the last minute scrambles that characterize far too many growth strategies. Instead you get to see everything planned out far in advance and executed on a schedule you've approved.


It's one thing to understand how to create and post good content – it's another to understand how to leverage that content into truly exceptional growth. For real growth, you need real experience with your analytics – and that's what we at Bami Brands like to provide for our clients once we've earned their trust.



Would your business benefit from having you focused on the big-picture rather than the daily grind of endless content production?

If so, we'll be happy to not just outline your ideal strategy, but to actually stay around afterwards to execute it.

When you decide to keep us around for implementation, my team and I will run your page to the same level of excellence at which we've run so many others, giving your efforts the professional push they need to deliver the results you desire.

Just imagine a world where...

  • Your page is finally growing at the pace you always knew was possible with the consistency everyone else told you wasn't viable.

  • You never again feel lost and overwhelmed about what content you need to be creating to build the audience you're after.

  • You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you never need to rush for content because your page's growth is timetabled out far in advance.

  • You're not just guessing at what your audience wants, but know because they readily engage with you on a daily basis.

  • You can finally set your attention to where every business needs it's owner's focus when it wants to really thrive: the high-level strategy that capitalizes on your massive growth rather than endlessly fights for it.

  • You're not just building an audience, but you're actively building the right audience for your business.

Why don't you take a look at what just a few of them have had to say...

Look, we know there's a thousand websites that claim to offer you all the free advice in the world. We're better because we build each and every strategy for each specific entrepreneur that comes to us.

Jonas Winkler

I've been working with Samuel for a few years now and when I first started out, it was hard for me to recognize who my real audience and customers are. As soon as he started working on my brand, that changed.

The strategy we created helped me identify who my audience is and I've been able to grow my social media presence with his help.

Anam Qureshi

Imagine jumping into a pool without knowing how to swim. Samuel was my No BS, Straight-to-the-point guide. After our session, I got clarity on what to focus on and because of his help, I closed 4 new clients with ease just 5 weeks after our call.

What I also love about him is that you’ll never feel like you’re left in the middle of the road all by yourself because he followed up with me several times to make sure I’m implementing my plan very well.

Jackie Lei

Samuel is a world class entrepreneur, social media leader, and brand specialist.

He has helped turn my agency into a brand through his work and I will be forever grateful. If you are on the fence about working with Sam, just do it - you won't regret it!

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