More Than Just Value – It's About Values Too

Meet Samuel

Sooner or later, we all have to ask ourselves one question: does our work really reflect who we consider ourselves to be as people?

I'm not going to lie to you – it wasn't always an easy question to answer.

Because for a while, I was unsure exactly who I was as a person and how whatever those qualities were could possibly be reflected in my work.

You see, I thought it was just a question of value

What value am I providing?

What value am I to others?

But it's not – in the end, I realized there was a lot more to it than that

I realized that what was really important to me was not just adding value to the world, but working with other human beings who shared my values too.

When I realized that, the rest clicked right into place.

I wanted to be the man who helped others add something real to the world, and so it became my mission to help entrepreneurs build the businesses' they thought would do so.

I haven't looked back since, and every day I work with people I'm never going to tire of being around.

Using my unique insight into identity and communication, I now help them take their businesses and connect with a wider audience than they ever dreamed. That's what marketing and branding is all about really – it's just connection and I can't wait to see who I connect with today.

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"I've been working with Samuel for a few years now and when I first started out, it was hard for me to recognize who my real audience and customers are. As soon as he started working on my brand, that changed.The strategy we created helped me identify who my audience is and I've been able to grow my social media presence with his help."

Jonas Winkler

"Imagine jumping into a pool without knowing how to swim. Samuel was my No BS, Straight-to-the-point guide. After our session, I got clarity on what to focus on and because of his help, I closed 4 new clients with ease just 5 weeks after our call. What I also love about him is that you’ll never feel like you’re left in the middle of the road all by yourself because he followed up with me several times to make sure I’m implementing my strategy very well."

Anam Qureshi

"Before working with Bami, I was struggling with understanding my ideal client and finding the way to express myself through my brand. We worked together for 4 weeks, and every week I was learning something new about myself and my business. I really love how the sessions are structured and at the end I was able to find my ideal client, understand what products I can offer them and also how to make my offers make sense to them."

Elena Soboleva

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