Jonas Winkler Design

Jonas is an influencer in the woodworking industry. Here are some brand problems he had:

- It was hard to recognize what his real strengths were

- He didn’t know who his ideal audience and customers were

- He was involved in his business that he had no time to work on his brand

- He was stuck at 10K Instagram followers.

What we worked on

Over the years, I've helped Jonas with:

- Brand strategy to help identify who his ideal audience and customer are

- Reworked his brand design. Everything from logo, business cards, and March

- After that, I helped him with his Instagram growth strategy

Project Excerpts

Business Card
Logo Application
Instagram Market Research
His Instagram
Shirt Design

The Results

- After 6 months of working on his Instagram strategy, his audience grew beyond 50k on Instagram

- He is now super clear on who his ideal audience and customers are

- He has a brand that represents him and what he does

- An established brand that’s helping him land bigger brand deals

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