Gifted Traders

Gifted Traders, founded by Verne Watley III (an options trader) is an educational platform that educates the youngins on everything stock options trading.

The thing is that most people think that options trading is rocket science and you have to be a mad genius to be a pro at it. Verne believes that everyone has the ability to become a pro at it. They just need to learn the step by step fundamental process and focus on the important aspects like psychology and strategy. They aim to simplify the whole process and their motto is STRATEGIZE . PROFIT . REPEAT

The main problem Verne had was that he had the vision and mission but didn’t know how to build a brand that appeals to his target audience and all in all reflects who he is as a person.

What we worked on

We were able to help establish his brand through:

- Strategies he could use to attract his audience

- Strategies like holding events in schools, having stickers that his audience could stick anywhere they want (which will help for memorability), and so on

- Logo, patterns, business cards, letterhead, stickers, thank you card, and other marketing materials.

Project Excerpts

Logo Variations
Business Card

The Results

With my help:

- His brand now has an identity he’s proud of promoting

- The vision he had for his brand was brought into reality, exactly how he pictured it

- He now has a friend he can call anytime to help with his brand even more. Yeah you guessed right, that friend is me :D

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