DALASI is an online marketplace for Black-Owned businesses. Michael and Emmanuel who are the founders initially reached out to me to help them with their website.

When we got deep into their brand during our initial consultation together, we discovered they:

⁃Didn’t have any brand foundation set
⁃ Weren’t sure about how to appeal to both of their customers
⁃ Had no form of strategy in place
⁃ Had a lot of ideas about their new brand but didn’t know how to turn them into an actionable plan

What we worked on

⁃ Their Brand Strategy
⁃ Identifying their customer segments and the roles they play in their brand
⁃ Messaging
⁃ Brand Identity Design
- A brand style guide

Project Excerpts

Customer #1 + Brand Strategy Snippet
Ideal Customer's Lifestyle
Mood Board
Logo Icon
Custom Wordmark
Color Palette
Brand's Typefaces
T-shirt + Stationery
Pattern + Business Card

The Results

⁃ After brand strategy, they were immediately clear on the roles their customers play in their brand
⁃ Felt relieved and assured that their brand is truly here to solve a problem and they knew exactly the problem they were solving.
⁃ Got strategies on how to make more money while being more valuable to their customers
⁃ Created a brand and story that helps them stand out from their competition
⁃ Got a plan on how to build that brand they desire

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